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Olga Potaptseva

Olga Potaptseva is a Founder of, European Customer Consultancy,  CXPanda and a Top 15 global CX consultant. She works with organisations worldwide to enable customer-informed operating models that benefit the customers, the employees and the bottom line. 

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Olga's Story

Some of Olga's recent notable projects include delivering over £100k OPEX whilst increasing customer satisfaction by 11% for a UK-based insurer, process re-engineering to address key customer pain points and x2 conversion rate for a European bank, defining strategy, policies & procedures and a customer-centric roadmap for an organisation in the Middle East, and implementing an award-winning customer-informed operating model for a global pharmaceutical company.

Throughout her 15 years in a leadership role and more recently as a judge, consultant and thought leader, she observed companies spending much effort and budget on CX education and alignment and not focusing enough on making CX operational. She is on a mission to change that!

 CX-inspired professionals can now confidently lead CX planning, education, stakeholder alignment, strategy sessions, customer insight, journey mapping and management using verified resources Olga and her team publish on CXpanda. Easy and cost-effective access to CX expertise through CXpanda ensures swift progress towards making CX part of the operating model that delivers tangible value.


You can always email Olga at

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