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Image by Toa Heftiba
Image by Rubaitul Azad

CX e-coffee with Olga

 In this 30-minute session, Olga will help you discover your next best action in CX.

Image by Rubaitul Azad

CX for non-CX professionals Udemy Course 

Learn how to generate sustainable business growth by being customer focused. The course is designed by Olga Potaptseva.


Book Demo Session For CX Actions App

Learn more about the CX Actions App, a tool ECC created in collaboration with our partner Cemantica. Olga will lead you through your first demo of the app and demonstrate how it might benefit you.

Image by Felipe Furtado

Join Journey Mapping Bootcamp with Cemantica

Join our end-to-end Bootcamp, where you will learn how to map a customer journey and make it actionable in your organization.

Image by Product School

The Customer Journey Management Lab

Learn more about CX Framework in the course designed by a world-renowned Customer Experience Specialist and our partner Ian Golding. 


Book Olga For Keynote Presentation

Find out how your organization can become more customer-centric.

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