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Authors: Neil Skehel (Foreword), Olga Potaptseva, Richard Jordan, Sirte Pihlaja, Laura Tengerdi, Stephanie Linville, Francesca Tempestini, Sharon Boyd, Mohamad El-Hinnawi, Marc Karschies, Sandra D P Thompson, Robert Azman, David Wales, Serena Riley, Anita Ellis, Miles Courtney-Thomas, Gabriela Geeson, James Brooks, Daniel Dougherty, Joanna Carr, Edward Mei, Thomas Fairbairn, Nick Lygo-Baker, Olivier Mourrieras, Gustavo Imhof, Jessica Noble, Gregorio Uglioni, Mandisa Makubalo, and Anna Noakes Schulze.


What we love about this book: it’s a great source of inspiration in one place. The experiences win, and failures of 28 CX thought leaders should open new CX perspectives for you, even if you are a seasoned CX professional. We recommend this as a coffee book, the one you can read a chapter at a time during your breaks. A perfect source for new ideas. 



What happens when 28 international CX professionals come together to share their experiences with CX?

Customer experience 3 offers the best practices and insights about CX by the leaders in the business.

Experts touch upon three parts of cx transformation- customer-centric culture-the right mindset attitude and commitment, organizational adoption and accountability-having clear priorities in a continuous improvement environment, and Voc insights and understandings-analyzing and understanding your customer's drive to change. They share their personal experiences and offer valuable analysis and problem-solving for each situation you might face amid your CX journey. 


The Takeaways: 


  • The book has many interesting personal anecdotes from experts such as Francesa Tempestini, a former Cast Member at Disneyland who turned into a CX professional. She shares how companies like Disney prioritize employee engagement and company culture and use that approach to achieve CX goals.

  • Another expert Mohamad El-Hinnawi talks about CX governance, the importance of orchestrating an organization’s tempo, and why different layers of management react to CX initiatives in different ways. Something that should be interesting for everyone at your company.

  • In Olga Potoptseva’s section, you’ll get the answer to the common question- how do we turn CX strategy into action? The answer- use agile CX management and you’ll get results within three months. Olga shares in detail how this can be done.

  • What happens if your organization perfectly meets the needs of some customers but misses the mark for others? - Jessica Noble shares her experience of working with bank executives whose organizations had the same problem. That’s where she learned about “It depends on trap”-or when a customer's expectation is not met, future experiences are unpredictable and the trust is fleeting. This can hurt your business faster than you think. So how to avoid it?


It’s rare to have such a diverse team of experts come together and create a resource that can be eye-opening and informative for anyone interested in CX. You can read compelling case studies and analyses by all the authors and get a sneak peek of what is it like to implement CX successfully in your organization.

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