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Authors: Ian Golding

What we love about this book:  The book is highly practical and easy to read. If you have ever been to one of Ian’s masterclasses you would know what an engaging storyteller he is. His ability to convey complex ideas in a simple way comes through brilliantly in this book. We recommend using it as a comprehensive resource and a CX handbook. 



For over 24 years Ian Golding has been helping organizations put customers and employees at the forefront of their business. This book is a collection of his methodology and insights about CX. It has a number of Engaging visual illustrations and useful tools like charts and journey maps that can be used in practice by professionals and clearly showcase the CX process for stakeholders. 

No matter the level of managerial position you hold currently, you will find ‘Customer What?’ entertaining, easy to read, and helpful. 


The Takeaways: 

The book is structured in four parts


  • Fundamentals- essentials for CX success. What is User experience, touchpoints, Customer centricity, or customer journey? Or how ready is your organization for Customer Experience change? Ian talks about The ways to take CX ownership in the company and provides templates that can be used to create CX strategy as well as interesting case studies.

  • Culture- how to connect people to strategy, and create the right conditions for action. The book discusses how to make sure bureaucracy doesn’t weigh down the innovation you want to bring to your company. Also, it’s important to remember that employee experience drives customer experience, so businesses that understand that are the ones that succeed. Also, Transforming the culture happens only when employees of all levels start to walk into customers' shoes. There are strategic ways to achieve all of the above within your company. 

  • Making it happen- tools and tactics for delivering the strategy. This section has detailed illustrations and graphs of everything from journey maps to customer persona development tools that can be used by the team and the management during the workshops or ideation. All the materials are accompanied by detailed analysis and case studies.

  • Sustaining- contentiously advocating for change. How do you keep the momentum and desire for CX transformation alive within the organization? Organizational structure is a problem for the most, and everyone in the team has to make some changes in order to see the real results.

This book serves as a guide for all, employees shareholders, and customers. Each of these four parts contains an overview of what needs doing, a set of parcel activities and approaches to help you and your organizations start your CX journey, and a collection of stories to give you real-life examples.

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