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  • Agile CX implementation toolkit

  • Operating model design

  • CX transformation support

  • Customer-centric culture creation

The agile CX implementation toolkit is designed to help you ensure the best possible use of resources and achieve sustainable customer centricity through agile CX management.

It was created based on Olga Potaptseva’s 20 years of professional service in customer experience.

Agile CX is a systematic work that uses a set of tools and step-by-step instructions for managing all types of teams, from leaders to employees, in a flexible manner. In the context of CX implementation, this means a flexible step-by-step guide for effective and enjoyable CX priorities execution

 We will help you create a culture in which employees are engaged in productive interaction, quickly focus on meaningful tasks, and plan their work, even if they are surrounded by the chaos of the external business environment.

 Agile CX Management Toolkit delivers tangible improvements to CX in just 14 weeks, with employee engagement, enjoyment, and effective accountability.  


Image by Jason Goodman
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