Client Case Study 1

Client- Petroleum Company

March 2022

The company approached the European Customer Consultancy with the concern that their Operating Model maturity was below market average and needed operating model enhancements, through improving operational levers. Also, their future proof model needed to balance cost, commercial objectives and customer centricity.

We created an operating model design centered around understanding how they fare against similar organizations at following levers and how to improve them:

o Improve: Customer centricity, Value add, Future Proofing

o Leverage & protect: Employee centricity

o Align: Tech savvy and Omnichannel approaches across business units

o Establish: Leading Agile Organisation and Governance

Execution -How was the Agile CX toolkit implemented

Together with Curzon Consulting, a consultancy company specializing in management consultancy, we conducted a high-level assessment of the company's customer care as-is to understand overall Company maturity level when it comes to customer centricity across all lever above. We also conducted Interviews with 20 comparable companies to perform a benchmarking analysis and understand how they:

o Retain employees

o Reduce complaints

o Increase sales

o Better utilize their employees

o Increase customer satisfaction

o Improve processes etc.

Based on the feedback collected, were able to recommend a viable system model. We also offered suggestions for potential steps that can be undertaken in 2022 towards best practice in effective operations, customer centricity and agile organizations. Furthermore, we presented BP with 30+ high-relevance case studies pertinent to the levers to draw practical experience and ideas from.

Results Achieved

o Key Customer Centric definitions for each lever

o Current state of the market for all 8 levers

o Winning combinations for 8 levers

o Maturity development roadmap

o Improvement strategies and required interventions

o Understand what the customer benefits will be for these interventions under each lever

The project was very well managed and organised. With daily standup meetings for the whole team, including the client team, we ensure there is consistent progress and sense of achievement. All key meetings were scheduled 8 weeks in advance which ensured good attendance. In weekly review sessions we found it effective to discuss interim results and set specific plans for the next week. This agile approach to project management ensured the team stayed on track, received desired results and achieved job satisfaction. We did not experience any major challenges as little issues could be addressed in a timely manner before they grew into bigger problems.