Client Case Study 2

Client- Global Pharmaceutical Company

2021- Ongoing engagement

The Client approached us with the request to assist their organization to implement consistent focus on the customer and a common understanding of CX goals.

We used Agile CX transformation in order to develop a strategic starting point: a company that genuinely has a patient at the heart of what they do, but lack of customer-needs based prioritisation. We aimed to help the team identify and prioritize CX concerns, improving their ability to deliver successful customer experience cases.

Our approach was simple: bring everybody on board of the CX transformation by listening deeply and having real conversations that would shift attitudes and create cultural change.

We executed our strategy using the following steps:

o Define customer types and agree to focus on managing the health care professionals' journey

o Functionally develop a CX strategy, agree implementation principles and remove obstacles. For example, we discovered that departments see each other as internal customers, not partners in delivering customer outcomes. /This creates a disconnect and many obsolete processes. Launched a process improvement project with a potential to reduce workload by 40-50%

o Conducted customer needs research using CNS methodology. Discovered that 3 specific needs are most critical and developed 10 operational projects aligned to these critical needs.

Next steps:

The aim is to expand the program to other markets, identify and support critical improvement projects. These are mostly focused on ways of working and technology improvement, with the customer in mind.Crucial changes are considered with the customer in mind to provide better products, services, processes and facilities that meet their needs.

Agile CX Implementation toolkit has been proving to be effective. Since the beginning of our partnership, our client has Won 2 awards for customer centricity.