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The Sataaya Consulting and Operating Group is a boutique firm bringing world-class operational and digital excellence to executive teams and private equity investors.

 Sataaya's work has been recognized by the Shingo Institute, Gartner, and McKinsey&Company with over 500 executives having visited global showcase sites on which they led the transformation work. 

With over 20 years of experience in leading large-scale transformation programs, Saatya is European Customer Consultancy’s trusted partner. We believe strong transformation design and implementation discipline are the keys to success for every business. We jointly conduct a series of masterclasses for the clients. 

companies often leave key elements of Management Systems at the prerogative of individual managers with little thought to how they influence the company.

Through our joint program, we offer leaders the opportunity to develop and stretch their Management System thinking and reflect with peers on:

1)  What a Management System Transformation could deliver for their company

2)  What steps they can take to start the Management System improvement.



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