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Client Case Study- Software as a Service Company​

A client approached us for change management to ensure successful CX Implementation.

The organisation was not able to align their priorities and objectives as they wanted them to be communicated to the stakeholders in a consistent manner. As a result, there was a lot of caution and doubt from senior and middle management regarding the CX transformation.

We worked with the client to develop a change management plan that would help them to effectively implement their new CX program. Our change management services included developing a communications plan, training employees on the new CX program, and helping to establish new CX processes and procedures.

Some Of The Execution Success Factors We Used Include:

  • Very clear project roadmap with tangible outcomes

  • Early involvement in CX assessment, producing a clear view of company pain points

  • CX education to ensure common understanding and consistent use of terminology

  • Collaborative and consultative approach when mapping the journeys and prioritise actions

  • Regular updates for the C-suite on achievements, benefits, risks, and deliverables against set CX maturity objectives

  • Specific projects defined with commercial and customer targets. Consistently challenge subject matter experts to apply a CX lens

Some of the challenges the team occasionally team faces are conflicting business priorities and limited bandwidth. We've addressed these issues by implementing agile project management practices and using the CX Implementation Toolkit.

Since the beginning of our partnership, the client has been executing 3 customer critical projects with full support of the management.



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