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How to break a digital journey

One day I was thinking over an investment decision and one of the options was adding funds to my ISA account. We have a good relationship with my ISA provider – I don’t contact them and they don’t contact me. Perfect! Except for the times when once or twice a year I need to add or withdraw funds. They don’t seem to want to engage with me at all, which is fine by me but I may have considered buying more products from them, especially at the beginning of our relationship. Never mind, not my loss.

Now, how do I want to deal with an ISA provider? Correct, online! So, where is my password now? Oh no, haven’t used it for a while and have completely forgotten. No problem, it’s easy to reset online, right? Wrong!

tip #1: Never engage with your customers proactively to give them a reason to re-visit their account more often!

t starts of nicely – forgotten your password? Enter your customer number, date of birth and we will send you an sms code. There is one small caveat though, if we hold a mobile number for you. Am I supposed to remember if you hold a mobile number for me? I last contacted you about a year ago! Ok then, most likely you do, but no code received.

Tip #2: Ensure your communication is as impersonal as it can be and never check what you know about your customers before asking them for information!

What do I do now? Let’s chat to customer service. What?There is no chat, no phone number or even an email address on the ‘forgotten password’ page! Fine, going back to the home page to search for contact details.

Tip #3: Do not design for mixed reality, make it hard for them to get in touch! Maybe they will go away if ignored for long enough

Are you fed up with the long read by now? Just imagine how I felt! What a tedious way of giving my money to a bank! It doesn’t get any better though.


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